Author: Emma

Day 26

Today’s Links

Day 26 emmadukew posted a photo: Rest 🙂 [and experimenting with HDR on the phone] Day 27 emmadukew posted a photo: Wondering what tag I should give flowers in the garden, this one is, I think, play, cos it’s getting on fine without me! Has been flowering since last spring! Day 25 emmadukew posted a […]

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Next step …

… work out how to auto import from Flickr to here. I’m sure it ought to be possible …. (a splog plugin, no doubt!)

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Cropping & Colour adjusting.

It’s taken me quite a while to work out what to do; so completely forgot to take a note of *how* I did it! Yes, I know you can use the history in Lightroom, but in trying to get back to the original, I managed to lose it! At least, I think I lost it […]

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Going to try to use this blog to accompany my photography. There won’t be a post every day. Sometimes, it’ll be my experiences with editing. Others it’ll be investigating older photos … others; well, who knows! I’m also doing the 366 challenge – they’re posted in Flickr & will remain there, but they might, for […]

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