Well, I haven’t posted here for a while; and, this isn’t going to be a photo post, but it is about photography.

I’ve got a Samsung Note 12.2 pro; and when I’ve been away, I have taken it, rather than a laptop, using Nexus Media Importer to import photos from the SD card to the tablet. Getting them off at the other end lead me to doing a bit of investigating.

My first thought was just to hook it to the Mac, allowing it to set itself to “Camera” – and I could then just import using one of the programs on my Mac.

Camera is selected

Set to “camera”

It didn’t work as I’d wanted. Image capture found all the .jpg images, both those that are in the pictures/DCIM folders,  and all others on the device (e.g. from internet caches.) It didn’t seem to allow me to browse the device, nor, critically to find the raw files. Lightroom found the images (all of them, as image capture had done) – and not the raw files; so I’m guessing that the camera setting on the tablet was restricting it to just .jpg and .png files.

So, next move was to adjust it to Media Device, and to try using Samsung Kies – which wanted me to upgrade it – though the upgrade seemed to be for those wanting to upgrade their devices, not move files from tablet to computer. (I’d initially tried to use Android File Transfer – but that just kept telling me nothing was connected … however often I reconnected it.)

The file browser's icon is really rather small ...

The file browser’s icon is really rather small …

Over on the left hand side of the screen (not in the screen shot) were links to photos, music videos etc, on the device, and on the Mac. Of course, as with the previous experiments, that only found non-Raw files … but, that tiny browse icon, right on the right hand side, did let me browse the folder structure – and find where I’d saved the JPG and NEF files. 🙂 It wasn’t the most sophisticated file browser, but it did what I wanted, and I could also have sorted out music etc, on the tablet, had I been so inclined.

I also tested using Nexus Media Importer and the OTG cable and a spare USB flash drive – which worked, as did using the cloud that my NAS drive created. I also tested using the file manager on the tablet, and Dropbox to move files, but, of course, that would require an internet connection – and sufficient space in the dropbox to do it. (Not actually a problem when you get 50GB for a year with the Note Pro).